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By the 31st century, humanity has spread to thousands of worlds, while a handful of powerful empires wage continual war for the right to rule the stars. Foremost among the weapons used in that struggle are BattleMechs. Loaded with autocannons, missile launchers, lasers, and charged-particle beam weapons, these fusion-powered war machines of articulated armor stand upward of ten meters high. Piloting them are MechWarriors, the best, most intensively trained men and women available. Like the armored knights of an earlier age, MechWarriors are popular heroes, and their exploits are the stuff of legends.

Introducing MechWarrior: Living Legends - Community Edition!

In 2007, a talented team - Wandering Samurai Studios - began work on what would become an award-winning and much-beloved game: A total conversion bringing the BattleTech universe to Crysis Wars' Battlefield-inspired combined-arms experience. But this wasn't to last, as in early 2013, MWLL version 0.7.1 became the final official release by WSS.

Despite this, our community has stayed loyal, active and persistent in its efforts to keep the project alive and vibrant. Throughout the years following 0.7.1, we've had amazing events such as Chaos March, Planetary League and Open Merc Night.

In 2016, a new development team came together to pick up where WSS left off. We're members of the community, equipped with years of experience from public and league play, deliberations and requests from countless players, and sheer determination. We've overhauled and refined MWLL to create a balanced, player-friendly and fun experience. Naturally, this includes numerous fixes and loads of new toys!

We've worked on MechWarrior: Living Legends for many years now, and still plan to add more content and improvements as best as we can. You don't need to own Crysis Wars to play MWLL - our installer sets you up with a legal copy of everything you need to dive right into the action.

Join us, and let's mech some noise!

Epic multiplayer missions

MechWarrior: Living Legends brings elements of both FPS and simulation genres together, and features a novel combined-arms roster, to create an engaging and complex gameplay experience unlike any MechWarrior title currently out there!

Participate in endless wars to capture resources, factories, and bases across countless contested worlds, where you'll have to fight smart to defeat or drive back the competition. Set just after BattleTech's Civil War era, MWLL enters you into the constant conflict between the many factions of the Inner Sphere and the invading Clans. As you brave not just treacherous environments but volleys of missiles, barrages of lasers and cannon fire, and hurtling artillery shells - who will you fight for? Do you have what it takes to be a living legend through the chaos of the 31st century?

Immersive team-based gameplay

Teamwork is overpowered, and is the one tool in this game that can only ever get buffed! Choose from a multitude of roles to play as - from scout to fire support to juggernaut - and coordinate with your team to secure victory! Employ advanced electronic warfare equipment such as stealth armor, electronic countermeasures, and active probes to get an edge over the enemy. Use target acquisition lasers and beacons to reveal your target's position to allies, and share radar data with your team using the powerful C3 network.

A vast arsenal of war machines

Choose from over 70 air and ground units, each with at least six different configurations. Each variant itself sports a multitude of weapons and electronics systems, designed with a role in mind - be it a Battle Armor hunter, a swift scout, an urban brawler, or even a dedicated artillery platform. Of course, you'll need cash to buy your machine first. Though you start with access to the lighter assets, you can work your way up through the ranks to secure a bigger budget. The more you participate on the field the greater the payoff!

Fight for glory in the Solaris VII arenas

Want a break from the seriousness of the battlefield but still itching to fight? Enter Solaris VII, BattleTech's biggest game world where anything goes in the diverse, simulated environments of its many arenas. Be it a lush jungle, icy wastelands, or the ruins of ancient buildings! The fights, however, are very real: here you can expect the fiercest free-for-alls, mechs and vehicles alike tearing each other apart to the amusement of an audience of thousands. Nearly all arenas feature commentary by Solaris VII's legendary announcer Duncan Fisher, a veteran mech jock himself.


MWLL + Crysis Wars Demo Installer

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