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Welcome, Living Legends!

Introducing MechWarrior: Living Legends - Community Edition!

Over a decade ago, a talented team - Wandering Samurai Studios - began work on what would become an award-winning and much-beloved game: A total conversion bringing the BattleTech universe to Crysis Wars' Battlefield-inspired combined-arms experience. But this wasn't to last, as in early 2013, MWLL version 0.7.1 became the final official release by WSS.

In spite of this, our community has stayed loyal, active and persistent in its efforts to keep the project alive and vibrant. Throughout the years following 0.7.1, we've had amazing events such as Chaos March, Planetary League and Open Merc Night.

In 2016, a new development team came together to pick up where WSS left off. We are members of the community, equipped with years of experience from public and league play, deliberations and requests from countless players, and sheer determination. We have overhauled and refined MWLL to create a balanced, player-friendly and fun experience. Naturally, this includes numerous fixes and loads of new toys!

We've worked on MechWarrior: Living Legends for many years now, and still plan to add more content and improvements as best as we can. You don't need to own Crysis Wars to play MWLL - our installer sets you up with a legal copy of everything you need to dive right into the action.

The end of 2019 marks MWLL's tenth anniversary. Join us, and let's mech some noise!

- Will you be a forgotten casualty — or a Living Legend?

MWLL 0.15 Download

MWLL + Crysis Wars installer (72MB, md5: 47cf07be74af66f3e62d17a9d9b5ca80)
The new launcher/patcher, you'll only need this

Offline-Installer 7GB
same on ModDB slow download? try this!
Like regular installer, but contains all game data (download all files to same location first)

Zip archives (experts only!)
CrysisWars-1.5.zip: Trial version, without maps, with Editor, patched to use our replacement GameSpy service
MWLL-*.zip: Full and subsequent patch archives - extract in the correct order on top of one another

(old versions)


Useful stuff

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MechWarrior: Living Legends on Mod DB MechWarrior: Living Legends on Mod DB


The MWLL Community Development Team is in no way affiliated with Wandering Samurai Studios. This is a development effort by the community, for the community. Credit for creating MechWarrior: Living Legends and its development up to version 0.7.1 goes solely to Wandering Samurai Studios.

Clan Jade Wolf and the clanjadewolf.net infrastructure is not affiliated with the Community Development Team and its efforts — we thank CJW for hosting.