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Categories: Announcements, TSA/ToS Maps

Revision: 2

Updated: 08/14/2012

Author: Vivicector

You know you want it! Close range multi-leveled underground map, inspired by canon Defiance facility.

Temperature above the surface of the planet is 500 degrees Celsius. Here, underground, the it is fine.   Set below 1 km from the surface of a resources reach planet, this underground facility provides Inner Sphere with a lot of Battlemechs and supplies. Unfortunately for  IS, clanners managed to find the coordinates and are now trying to get their hands on it.

Main features of the map:

1) Big indoors map with several layers.

2) Expect good brawl here! Tight spaces, a lot of possibilities to close the range.

3) BA heaven. A lot of cover, special BA passes and catwalks.

4) Cave system with tight passes.

5) Base defence solves baserape problems once and for all.

6) A lot of destructible cover, explosives barrels, generators and so on…  See the list in hangar.

7) Good safety net. 99,9% safe to use on base level.

8) Unique gameplay that you won’t see on any other map.


UPDATE: version 2 is here! Changes:

1) Better spawn defence

2) Added 2 tunnels to the cave system from the base level, centre part of the map. Hope it will make flanking better and caves – more useful.

3) Smoothed cave passes a bit.

4) Added brand new upper pass between clan and IS catwalks in the centre of the map. Have some cover and place to fight in the pass too. More flanking!

5) Additional armour plates covering a part of catwalks.


Update 2.1.Fix mainly.

1) Finally fixed the cave system entrances from main bases, they are smooth now.

2) Fixed possible exploit in the upper pass.



Have fun!

Map was tested, should be pretty balanced and safe to use on servers.

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