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Categories: TSA/ToS Maps

Revision: V3

Updated: 08/15/2012

Author: RDL_Vitos

  • World Baker 3.
    • Colonel Matthew Anders defended his world against the Jade Falcon’s by setting traps and ambushes, in August 3050. His forces destroyed a few OmniMechs and three Elemental Points using this tactic, but the militia’s dishonorable strategy drove the warriors of Turkina Keshik to hunt down and kill every militia member they could find. Colonel Anders died in his command bunker when two Points of Flamer-equipped Elementals slipped past the militia lines and destroyed the HQ.
  • Minor alterations in the new version for the best productivity:
    • 1.Occluding area shapes.
    • 2. The quantity of a grass is a little reduced.
    • 3. The quantity of trees is a little reduced.


    • 4. Added the big stones for use as cover.
    • 5. It is more than sounds of the river and falls.

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