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Categories: TSA/ToS Maps


Updated: 04/19/2012

Author: RDL_Vitos

I represent my new map.  Cold  moon with crystals and a heap of the thrown technics.


  • The Star League collapses, excitements in Inner Sphere and after fights on the worlds of Clans last regiment ELH tries to come back home. The latest news about it have been received where that about station Kolambus near to a planet of Tukayyid where they have undergone to nuclear bombardment. The cold moon. Deep space. Where about the world of Tukayyid. Station Kolambus. Can still change for last regiment SLDF coming back in Inner Sphere from the Clan worlds !!!!

New Update !      TSA_OutpostV2

  • 1.  Change gravity – has made the same as in Extremity. And normal gravity in Hangars.
  • 2.  Add  Hills – for to cover from the rockets and snipers can be used as hidden passageways to the enemy.
  • 3.  Added a tunnel in the central hill, so that you can pass through it for easy access to the enemy.
  • 4. Add some lighting in hangars.


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