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Categories: TSA/ToS Maps

Revision: v0.3

Updated: 08/09/2011

Author: Snyp3r

A large TSA and TOS map with hills in the center, surrounded by foggy open areas.


  • 5km x 5km playable area.
  • VTOL/aero enabled.
  • Hilly terrain in central regions.
  • Low lying areas covered in dense fog.

This map is still in active development. Please leave comments and suggestions!

Hotfix to version v0.3:

  • Replaced dropships with mech hangars. Dropships were too buggy.
  • Removed repair bays. They were detracting from gameplay.
  • Changed minimap shading to hopefully be easier to read.

Update to version v0.2:

  • Fixed ocean reflections being visible outside map boundary.
  • Added two new dropship spawn points.
  • Added two repair bays (marked on minimap).
  • Minor visual tweaks.

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