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TSA_New Roland

Categories: TSA/ToS Maps

Revision: V2

Updated: 01/17/2013

Author: RDL_Vitos

Small City!
New Roland .
3070 .  Planet on Liao’s territory –  the Legion just won fight for it.  (NBT)     It is our planet! : )
Nov-16-3070.            RDL.             The battle for New Roland has finally ended with the Capellan Confederation reportedly marching into the capital city, which was formerly held by the Minnesota Tribe, and seizing control of the planet. The conquering of New Roland should further escalate and improve the militaristic might of Capellan Confederation. ”


Two big bases divided by the small city. In the city center – old garden. Local sights – a bonsai and pagodas.
The size of the map big (271 Mb) – so I recommend to download nevertheless it manually and to throw in the folder (where follows) that there were no problems with loading from the server (at whom bad or slow connection).
I applied many different assets not entering into Crisis and MWLL.
In more detail then…further

Vids: MWLL: Overview New Roland map from RDL_Vitos (from ELH_KillThemALL )

MWLL Operation Viper Battle for Golandrias

As inspiration served:
1. Pine City

2. And in no small measure Scerpents Origin.  Thanks to authors of these projects. Some models and textures.


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