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Categories: TSA/ToS Maps


Updated: 02/16/2012

Author: RDL_Vitos

  • Map Based on IceArena 25 by 25 Hex from Megamek. By Duffanichta and Vitos.


  • Destroyable objects and hangars.

At each command is on one additional hangar in which it is possible to be repaired and buy technics. These hangars can be destroyed. (Approximate quantity of protection – 60.000)
Other destroyable objects on a map have much less protection (from 4.000 to 50.000).

Also there are 2 hangars for all in which it is possible to be repaired. Are in the map center.

  • There is an aircraft on a map (only ASF). Small discrepancy is in definition of height of position of the plane (400 meters at ground level), it I think occur because of a highmap of heights. It is corrected – flight restriction on height to 1800 meters is added.
  • Gold mountains
  • History: [3052] No information concerning events on Ardoz has been available since the Ghost Bears captured the world in February 3052. Rumors abound that the Bears discovered a Star League base on the planet, but these rumors cannot be confirmed. The destruction of Ardoz’s HPG facility in the initial attack has resulted in a total information blackout from the planet; the Ghost Bears are refusing to let any ComStar representatives rebuild, and they have said nothing about the situation on the world.

It is the forgotten world. Clans have there many riches. Mercenaries have arrived to take away them.          ;)


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