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Categories: TSA/ToS Maps


Updated: 07/05/2012

Author: Merciless

Welcome to the Home world of Clan Cloud Cobra (Planet name: Homer)!

—-VERSION 2 RELEASED 7/17/2012—-

*fixed clan Aero spawn

*fixed other random glitches


About the map:

This map is an experiment in anti-camping map design.  Flanking maneuvers and sneak attacks are promoted by the terrain and features.  There are also many paths to take to any one area.  It is a small map for small RTB times, with plenty of cover when you need to disengage.  Despite its small size, it is also fully Aero/Vtol capable, and there are neutral repair bays near the middle area.  The center area features the clan ceremonial arena, perfect for clan events, trials, and meetings. Enjoy and good hunting!


About our clan:

Clan Cloud Cobra was one of the original twenty Clans founded by Nicholas Kerensky, named after the cloud cobras found on Arcadia (not the CC homeworld). The Clan’s identity was heavily shaped by its first Khan, Windham Khatib, a chaplain in the Star League Defense Force and grandson of the Pope of the Church of the Crucifix. The Cloud Cobras liberated Babylon during the Pentagon Campaign but suffered heavy losses, inhibiting their later growth. The Clan would be remembered as among the first to begin the use of genetic manipulation, creating an eugenics program which would be copied by and become synonymous with the Clans for generations. Politically they are moderately Warden, although they maintain little contact with other Clans.

-from sarna.net


By [CC] Merciless




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