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Categories: Terrain Control Maps

Revision: 4.2

Updated: 09/22/2011

Author: AncientDemise

Want more sand? This should give you your fix!

Tired of sand? This should make you numb!

Update 4.2:

  • Removed factories from cap-points
  • Replaced all elevator factories with 4-bay hangars
  • Fixed hangars so they don’t kill you anymore
  • Revised cap-points
  • Fixed turret issues

Map needs testing!! Auto-downloader should work. Please let me know if you cannot load map after downloading through a server.


Update 3.0 (2):

  • tweaked some things
  • removed factories that would eat vehicles instead of spawning them.

Special thanks goes to Bobby for helping me out.

Update 3.0:

  • low-poly buildings! my FPS has risen a good 30 points
  • more vehicle spawn points for the main bases to alleviate heavy load issues
  • Two new main bases have been added to spread out large loads on the factories
  • two strategic points have been added to reduce giant swarms of mechs everywhere at once
  • selling is now enabled in the forward bases
  • sandbags have been reduced in size
  • Underground factories have been fixed some more
  • A couple fun features have been added to some buildings

Version 2.0

  • Map has been updated to include multiple building heights.
  • Buildings have also been moved closer together so mechs can jump between them.
  • The outer factories have been moved into the city

This map is based on Mektek’s Assault Tech 1 map: Zoetemeer (city). This is low visibility urban combat at its best. The map is symmetrical with a visibility of ~500 meters giving brawlers an advantage but still allowing scout/sniper teams to be extremely deadly.

This map utilizes duff’s converted underground mechbays – now super-improved to fix most of the previous issues. Music is from Mech 3.



Original map:

MWLL version:

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