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Categories: Terrain Control Maps

Revision: TC_ThermoCline_006

Updated: 09/21/2012

Author: SJBlhurr

Update: 006

Greetings Everyone.

I figured since things were in a downturn that I would post my latest map concept iterations at an earlier development point to give you all something to gander at.  The first image was done in excel while I should have been working. I’ve always been impressed by how MMOGs have blended regions with vastly different art schemes resembling real world ecotones and climates.  MWLL does not really have anything like this. Extremity is probably the closest likeness.

The backstory would be a now defunct Defiant Industries Laboratory that was used to perform environmental testing on the new mech designs they produced. This is much like how new model cars are road tested by their engineers before being mass produced on the assembly lines.  This factory/lab has been purchased by Solaris Inc. to create a truly unique arena for mech combat that spans a wide range of temperatures, ecology, precipitation, terrain etc.

I’m also going to try out a unique TC base placement that ELH_Vivicector first proposed as a TC concept for TSA_Underground. I was immediately enamored with the idea and wanted to produce a map with a similar capture zone layout. The attached image is the earliest concept layout.

I am still in the earliest stages of terrain sculpting and painting.  This is your chance to influence the direction and theme of a map before it makes it to the autodownloader.  All input will be heavily considered.

Cheers guys.

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