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Categories: Reference Maps

Revision: 00

Updated: 07/17/2011

Author: Sesambrot

It’s been quite a while, but finally I can give you;



This map works exactly like SA_Reference,

it’s purpose is to show how TC-maps are set up, and how cappoints and associated particleeffects work.



- two mainbases including Calliope defense turrets and BaseAMS

- two cappoints with SingleMechBay and BASpawnBunker

- one central cappoint with Repairbay and VTOL-Pad including BASpawns in Tower

- flashing particles on each cappoint which change color depending on the team in posession of the point (Red = Clan, Blue = IS)

- Flowgraph controling cappoint-particles

- BaseDetails and basic texturing

-Forbidden Area


There will be no TSA_Reference as that would only be TC_Reference without cappoints.

On that note, it should be possible to laod TC_Reference with TSA/ToS gamerules, the TC_Reference.xml is set up to support those gamemodes as well.

There will be a SA_SpecialEffectsReference as I have time to put it together. It will feature the FGs used to control random ToD and the Volcano on SA_Jungle and the Fireworks FG used on all official SA-maps.


I hope this map will be as helpful as SA_Reference, if there’s anything you would like to be added to one of the existing Reference-maps, go to the forum topic and make your suggestions.

Have Fun making maps, and keep up the good work you guys have done so far!


Note: The zip-file isn’t suited to be used with the autodownloader since the map is not supposed to be played on servers. Same as for SA_Reference…

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