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Categories: Terrain Control Maps

Revision: 0.19

Updated: 07/17/2012

Author: Duffanichta

Qandahar is a world that was totally exploited by humanity for its vast natural resources.

Unfortunately the early settlers didn’t show any care in handling the output of their factories and this has led the ecosystem of Qandahar to collapse.


Green Area = Capture Zone

2 Capturable Airbases (Southeast and Northwest):  Value = 0 (except that you get Vtols and Aeros)

1 HPG base in Center: Value = 2

1 Outpost North (2 Medium Mech Factories, 1 Heavy Mech Factory, 1 Repairbay): Value = 1

1 Outpost South (1 Medium/Heavy Mech Factory, 2 Repairbays): Value = 1


V.17 fixed Fog and Missing Texture of 1 Building

V.18. fixed holes, textures

V.19 Updated XML so it shows the version number -

using old skybox again

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