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Categories: Terrain Control Maps

Revision: 0.7

Updated: 07/01/2011

Author: AncientDemise

MAJOR necro-update here: V0.7

  • I completely reworked the heightmap and gave it noise and landscaping through geocontrol. There are now  hills and valleys underwater.
  • AA bases have been removed. VTOL hangars have been given to each team at the start.
  • The number of capture points have been reduced to 6. Note that the two bases that appear to be controlled by the enemy at the start of the game are neutral bases! Anyone can purchase tanks and light/medium mechs there, but no one can spawn there.
  • There are various repair bays scattered throughout the map. anyone can repair there without capturing it.
  • The Airbase and the base in the bottom left of the map are worth two tickets each, the rest are worth one. An underwater factory has been added between the two major bases.
  • Beware of the sharks! It is unconfirmed if they will attack BA (vehicles are safe) but they WILL stalk you in a creepy way. Also they don’t die.
  • The Clouds look real now.
  • The time of day has been reworked.
  • Some vegetation has been changed.

0.6 is done. It should be up on a couple servers within a few days

version 0.6


  • added SOUNDS! over 200 ambient and global sound areas
  • added global and local dynamic temperatures
  • added many many many fishadded more base structures and detailing
  • added a special single-cycle trackview animation to give the feel of an invasionadded lights!
  • added decals
  • time-of-day starts at midnight
  • tweaked TOD settings
  • improved height and texture maps
  • CPs don’t disappear when captured
  • two outposts have factories that can build vehicles, but not mechs
  • palm trees are now destructible (most of them)
  • fixed broken capture zonesfixed broken factories and turrets
  • lowered underwater fog
  • lowered nightime fog
  • removed some clouds and tweaked settings
  • reduced global gravity – should be about 6.2 m/s^2
  • plus – probably some stuff I forgot to mention

This is a Terrain Control map called Paradise Lost! TC Paradise Lost is at 0.6 and is now in its beta stages. This is a very large map designed for large scale team play. Bases and control points are on islands leaving a fair amount of fighting to be done underwater, limiting the use of heavier, slower mechs. There is only one airfield, giving whoever controls it the upper hand. There are also plenty of islands, shallows, and beaches to fight on so it wont be all underwater. This map is based on four different maps from the mechwarrior 4 mercenaries MP3.1 free release. My work here is merely an adaptation of these maps that were created for MW4. Yes, the final map will be very different from the original form, but I still used those maps as my starting point.

Yet to come:

  • seaport/docksmore base details
  • more wildlife (mostly fish)
  • more unique paths (sandbars, caves, etc.)

Things to come even later:

  • Dropship
  • Initial VTOL capabilities (may be limited)

And even later:

  • Fully destructible vegetation!



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