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Categories: Announcements, Terrain Control Maps, TSA/ToS Maps

Revision: 1.2

Updated: 04/16/2012

Author: Vivicector

After some time, I have finished (or nearly finished) working on new map. This is an IS base, currently under attack by clans.

This is my first TC map and it may be not quite balanced, because the idea to use TC mode came only after some time.
I have tested it and there seems to be not many bugs.

Update: Version 1.2 out. A small bugfix.

Main features:
1) Just look at the sunrise (may not be seen as intended on low settings)!
2) Special BA areas and detailed underground tunnels!
3) 5 bases: Factory, Hangars, Airfield, Storage, Underground Command Centre.
4) Underground base gives x3 tickets. So grab BA gear and go fight there!
5) Number of physicalised destructible objects. Fuel tanks explosions are deadly!
6) Crysis-origin Heavy MGun mounts – damaging mechs. Quite useful.
7) Dynamic ToD lights (may not work on low settings)
8.) Various areas to fight for.
9) A number of secrets and secret areas. You will be pleased if you find them!

Important information:

  1. To capture the underground base, you need to get into the command centre. It is quite the lowest part of the base.
  2. There is an underground monorail car just after the enter to the command centre. It is working, just step inside and don’t move while it is working.
  3. On the far side of the monorail, there is a lift. It is working fine, just wait while it is moving. You will have to just for the last meter though…
  4. There are several secret places with Crysis weapons. So, don’t be surprised if you will get shot by something unusual of hit by a golf club! Nothing balance-braking.
  5. Ok, help with secret catches: one is in the boxes, one is underground, one is inside one.
  6. Base capture zones are marked by yellow shapes on the minimap. Look for them. There are also markers on the ends, but they are hard to spot – too big areas.
  7. List of destructible objects is shown on the right side of the loading screen. Those fuel tanks are doing nice 4000 damage with 60 meters radius.
  8. Enters to the underground are shown by red arrow markers on the minimap. They are quite small, but visible.

Waiting for feedback and suggestions!

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