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Categories: Terrain Control Maps

Revision: v1

Updated: 03/05/2012

Author: KoSFinalizer

TC_Lunacy is a Terrain Control modification of TSA_Lunacy, a map inspired by the MechWarrior 4 map of the same name.

The gameplay on this map works slightly differently from standard Terrain Control maps – players will not fight over bases, but for entire territory sectors instead, with the goal being to hold ground and drive the enemy off the battlefield. Territory sectors are worth normal ticket values, while the capturable bases with repair pads have no ticket value associated with them; they simply allow pilots to repair away from the main base.

Like TC_Flatlands, this map requires a different approach from normal Terrain Control gameplay – the goal is literal control of territory, and the gameplay becomes a mix between standard Terrain Control and Team Solaris Arena styles of gameplay.

General Info:

  • Lunar setting
  • 3.75km x 3.75km playable area, 4km x 4km total area
  • -75 degree Celsius ambient temperature
  • Slightly lower gravity
  • VTOLs (500m maximum flight altitude)
  • 5 territory sectors, 2 bases w/ repair bays


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