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Categories: Terrain Control Maps

Revision: 1.0

Updated: 07/03/2013

Author: AncientDemise

The MWLL Community Mapping Team is proud to present TC Harvest!
A truly beautiful map featuring rolling hills, hedgerows, small towns and more!

A quiet and unassuming world at the end of the Ghost Bear invasion corridor, Osteres remained that way until the Word of Blake invasion in 3068. The Free Rasalhauge Republic was able to repel the attackers at a great cost. Osteres was later absorbed along with the remaining FRR worlds into the Ghost Bear Dominion.

A massive undertaking (and map – zipped at 100mb), this map was started 21 months ago as a developer project which was turned to the community in December. This map introduces two different times of day, hills, fog, breathtaking scenery and a number of ‘new’ environmental assets never before released.
Be cautious when cresting hills, be wary when entering towns – you never know what will be waiting for you. Dart across open plains and move under cover of towering hedges. Here you will find that jump jets are key force multipliers. Fast assets may disappear before you have time to retaliate and battle armor can strike from anywhere
We hope you enjoy this map as much as we do.

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