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Categories: Terrain Control Maps

Revision: TC_FeralFangs_P8

Updated: 04/11/2012

Author: SJBlhurr

Update P8: Apparently I can not pack a map correctly.

Update P7: Fixed a few floating bushes. Consolidated the satellite bases.  Updated Loading screen. Changed ticket weighting of cap points

Update P6: Fixed the screwey cap point and floating bushes.

Update P5: I’ve changed the base and capture area layout quite dramatically.  All the capture areas and bases are more centrally located.  You can in fact cap all 6 points without ever leaving the lake area in the middle.  Some of you will probably be upset by this but hopefully you are the minority.  I was not entirely satisfied by the general acceptance of this map which I worked very hard and long on.  I hope the changes remedy this.  Public play does not tolerate a lot of downtime and this map is heavily geared towards constant action. Previous versions will remain on mwllmaps.com for download for those that liked them.

I’m not sure how really but I’ve reduced the waste on the map by 60 megs, nearly 60% of the previous version’s file size.  In the process the map has been greatly optimized as well and should play faster and upload faster for most players. I hope you guys enjoy the changes. Please let me know.

Update: 038

I’ve labored on this map for 11 months now with snatches of precious time here and there.  Hopefully the map is in a mostly completed state and that people enjoy it.  As always I want as much feedback as possible.  If people aren’t playing the map then it isn’t done yet.



-Canyon based map with an open lake area in the middle of the map.

-Every asset is enabled

-TOD that starts out in the morning and ends up in late twilight over 60 minutes

-6 capture points – 2 of which are BA only accessible (figured I’d try it out)

-2 cave networks

-Lake water in the middle has cooling properties

-Lots of unique angles and areas for combat

-The two middle bases are available for initial spawn.

-Several areas for aero to land and capture bases.

-Captures zones do not overlap mech factories and are in fact rather large such that they can be conquered from several approaches.

-There is a strong Z axis component to this map.

-It’s a large map but hopefully not murderous on FPS.


Changes since the TSA version was last tested based on tester feedback:

-Many more elevation transitions

-Brightened the map significantly

-Added more cover from Aero for ground assets.


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