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Categories: Terrain Control Maps

Revision: TC_2Fort_KOTH_016

Updated: 05/20/2012

Author: SJBlhurr

Also grab TC_2Fort_TOW_001 at http://www.mwllmaps.com/maps/TC/TC_2Fort_TOW_001.zip

Update_016: Fixed the one clan base that was funky and made a strong detail pass on the map.

Update_014: Moved the main base away from the middle so that more of the map will be used. Gave each team an additional base permanently.  Put a bunch of neutral repair bays throughout to keep the action up. I’ll add detail to the new base if people settle on this set up. Thanks again.

Update_013: Ok fixed the textures and vehicle stuck areas and lowered vegetation in some areas where it was obviously levitating.  The bases should be gtg.   Thanks.

Update_011: Alright I believe the map is ready for play although I found out that the trees are not destructible which is not what I intended.  I’ll address this at a later date if we decide that the performance hit is not too severe.

TC_2Fort_KOTH is an instant action map inspired by Valve’s TF2 2Fort layout smushed together with MWLL’s terrain control and king of the hill.  Hopefully you guys enjoy it. Please leave feedback on the forums and let me know what you think. As always, if people are not playing it then the map is not finished.

Thanks everyone.


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