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TC Veiled Thunder

Categories: Terrain Control Maps

Revision: 1.1

Updated: 09/24/2012

Author: AncientDemise

Finally posting this on here…


I had a pretty cool dreamĀ last night a while ago.
I dreamt that someone, Duff I think but maybe Coffi, made the MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat mission “Bone Machine” into a MWLL map which I took over and finished.
I dreamed that the mission name was Veiled Thunder and it was played with mechs only, but apparently the map was a flat circle in the middle of a sphere – one hemisphere is the ground and one is the sky – and you could start in an aerospace fighter out in space. Ok that last part was a bit weird, but still it inspired me to launch this simple project.
And so Duff and I have completed the project and the result is a new king of the hill style map!

I present to you: TC_Veiled Thunder

The Inner Sphere must defend a center firebase at all costs. The IS starts in two corners closest to the firebase with it in their possession . Further away are the clan spawns in the opposite corners. The ticket drop is skewed so if the Clans capture the firebase, the tickets will drop much faster than if the IS has it.
You can buy ammo in the center and BA can spawn there. You can only repair in your main bases. LAMS protects the firebase from Longtoms and most missile attacks. The perimeter is guarded by two Sentinels and two Cameras

Blocks of ice make for some great cover

Enjoy the easter eggs!!!

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