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TC 2Delta

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Revision: 0.5 (dead)

Updated: 01/17/2012

Author: Duffanichta

It’s Dead Jim. Lost my cry file -.- RIP 2Delta it died so young!

Based on 2 Battletech maps (riverdelta – http://www.sarna.net/wiki/BattleTech_Map_Sets#Map_Set_4) merged together.


Improved minimap, your radar minimap shows hexfields with information like [R], [A],[R/A] and [!!!]


°1 Clan dropship (CL – Base) … should work -fixed solids and  deleted aero elevator (planes spawn now on deck)


°1 Hex mosque like IS Base + IS Airfield


°1 sunken Clan dropship functions as strategic point (has 2 repairbays and  a buyzone) +Bunker BA – spawn

[R/A] (Repair and Ammunition)

°2 strategic points APC works if captured +Bunker BA – spawn

[A] (Ammo)

°1 strategic point repair bay +Bunker BA – spawn

[R] (Repairbay)

°1 captureable IS  Base (also Hex mosque like) [2AMS, 1 eagle eye, 1 helgiver,2 sentinels]

[!!!] – Base with defense systems



# Has a slightly more sandy colourmap

# Changed the setup of the base defenses.

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