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Categories: Reference Maps

Revision: 01

Updated: 06/23/2011

Author: Sesambrot

Since you don’t have access to the cry-files of our released maps, I put together this reference-map and included the cry-file into the zip-archive.

The sole purpose of this map is to show our community mappers the basics of how (SA)maps work.

On this map there are examples for:



-Fireworks (including simple Flowgraph)


-Destructible Objects


-TempAreas around water (including simple Flowgraph)


-Added CamFlashparticles (including simple Flowgraph)

-Added AmbientSound and SACrowd-Entities

I hope this will help to understand how certain things work, and make it easier for you to create your own maps.

Also, check out TC_Reference!


Note: The zip-file isn’t suited to be used with the autodownloader since the map is not supposed to be played on servers.

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