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Categories: SA Maps

Revision: 0.2

Updated: 06/18/2011

Author: coffinail

In the Polotmy Mountains on Alshain, Clan Ghost Bear holds its various trials among the frozen peaks.


This map was initaly done as a test run for Sandbox 2, and a desire to get a similar trial grounds like Mechwarrior 2: Ghost Bear’s Legacy.  I feel I have captured the openess that that map gave but also nicely added ample cover to survive in MWLL. The map is a chilly one at -35 C, heat is not as big of an issue. (although i would like to have varying heat cycles like Extremity, just not so extreme, more cold and colder.  This map is turning out nice, I hope to get screenshots up tomorrow.

This page will be updated more in full once a trial run for 0.2 has been done, and I have some nice screenshots to post. :D

Skill Warriors, skill

-Star Captain Christophe

–72nd Assault Trinary

–Clan Ghost Bear


*update* 26/08/11

Falling snow

A few sniper points and BA access only ares, got to look for them.


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  1. SquareSphere says:

    I don’t think the zip setup correctly with the right directories

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