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Categories: TSA/ToS Maps

Revision: v1

Updated: 09/20/2011

Author: KoSFinalizer

BA_Refinery is a modification of the Crysis Wars map Refinery designed to work with MWLL. In this map, all vehicles of any sort are disabled, and combat is restricted to Battle Armor only. It is intended to test players’ skills as infantry units, and promotes fast-paced action and twitch reflexes. Several smaller objects and areas are restored from the original map compared to the Solaris Arena version, which help provide extra cover to evade fire. The map also features buildings that can be entered by infantry units, as well as underground starting bunkers. This map is suitable for 8-16 players, to keep the action fast and furious as players immediately enter combat just a short distance from the bases.

General Info:

  • Urban/Industrial setting
  • 500m x 500m playable area
  • Close quarters combat
  • Battle Armor only
  • Indoors/ourdoors combat (Use the “enter mech” key to open/close doors)

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  1. Mattie says:

    Heck yeah this is exatlcy what I needed.

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