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Categories: Terrain Control Maps

Revision: C.4

Updated: 09/09/2011

Author: AncientDemise

This is a large TC map whose heightmap and texture/colormap are directly pulled from Monument Valley, USA
The colors are a little different from real life. I made everything more red to give it that mechwarrior 2 feel.

Version C.4 is released. Fixed the autodownloader bug by incorporating the resources folder into the TC Monument folder.

Version C.3.2 is out. This should be the final update to the TC version. I replaced the sandbags with industrial walls and the lights now are area lights so they don’t cast complex shadows and they don’t ‘blink’. I have also added runway lights to the airbases. Enjoy!

Version C.3 is done. Capture zones have been extended to include mechbays so you can spawn and have a chance to buy something and fight it out if your base is being captured. The AA turret at the central outpost now works too.

Version C.2 is done.

removed some of the extremely deadly turrets
fixed AMS that couldn’t target missiles
removed the fraps overlay from the minimap
fixed Clan vtol bay 1 so vtols dont get stuck
Changed HDR, sky brightness, and light color to make the map not appear as painful to the eyes.

There are 4 capturable bases. 2 are outdoors, and 2 are underground.The ToD is working and there is even a dynamic global temperature.

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