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Categories: Terrain Control Maps

Revision: 0.5

Updated: 04/28/2011

Author: admin

A new version of the map is available for download. Link is further down this page.

This will be the first release of the map for version 0.5.x of MWLL. There has been no major work done on the map besides packing it to be compatible with the autodownloader that was released with MWLL 0.5.0 – The changes from the previous release are still listed below -
The majority of the work in this release has been to do with setting up Terrain Control and fixing a few glitches.

I have made sure that all of the required assets and materials are present this time aswell, so there should be no problem with water looking weird or anything like that.

The changes include the addition of 2 new “base areas” that are capturable, the conversion of the existing 2 outpost bases to capture points and the completion of the actual League Cache capture point for a total of 5 capturable areas. There is some minor flowgraphing on the map used mainly for a couple of effects and temperature changes, and the full 24hr time of day, which still needs some adjustment for certain times.

Voxels have been fixed and now have proper collision physics.

Terrain occlusion has been completely recalculated and should help the level perform much better than it did previously. Running under Crysis Wars yields a noticeable improvement in FPS for the map.

Future plans include finishing the detailing on the map and adding in some unique gameplay options, such as turret control points as well as taking into account any feeback so far, such as the crashed plane.

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