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tl;dr: Download and install this, then this.

Welcome, Living Legends!

Introducing MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.8 - Community Edition!

Almost a decade ago, a talented team started working on what was to become the favorite game for many of us. Version 0.7.1, released in 2013, was to be the final version of MechWarrior: Living Legends by Wandering Samurai Studios.

Our community has stayed loyal and active since, bringing us amazing events such as Chaos March, Planetary League and Open Merc Night. For this community, we have worked hard towards a new release.

Using experience from years of public and league gameplay and numerous player requests, we have refined just about everything for a more balanced, player-friendly experience. Of course this also includes a ton of fixed bugs and new shiny!

We are dedicated to finish what Wandering Samurai started, and this is just the beginning. Upcoming patches will focus on bringing in new toys, further refining gameplay and making this game better than ever.

MechWarrior Living Legends is a total conversion mod for Crysis Wars. You don't need to own a copy of Crysis - our combined installer sets you up with a legal copy of the demo version, which is all you need.

- Will you be a forgotten casualty — or a Living Legend?

MWLL Patch 0.8.6 (changelog) - install _at least_ 0.8.0 first! (see below)

Patch installer (md5: 8006c45588f8ec23ef6736e9274e5081)
- make SURE you have 0.8.6! the old launcher lies, you don't have the newest version until you install this!
- if you get a "modified files" error the first time you connect, restart and try again! we are working on fixing this...
- since we do have a new launcher, please delete any shortcuts you have to the old launcher (start menu, desktop) as it'll fail to run!
Mirror 1  Mirror 2  Torrent

Patch archive only (md5: 705bba7e9eb9c28644768bf1b9954065)
- before you extract this, make SURE to delete GameData1.pak, Textures1.pak and the Objects folder FIRST if they exist!!
Mirror 1

MWLL Complete 0.8.0

MWLL+Crysis Wars installer (md5: aa7cbee337291fea68bbb39cee39f7bb)
Mirror 1  Mirror 2  Torrent

MWLL archive only (md5: 61360d664b1d294152c14347ed60b4c0)
if you're not using our Crysis Wars archive (e.g. Crysis on Steam), you'll also need a Gamespy fix. Stay tuned while we create a new one...
Mirror 1
Crysis Wars archive only (md5: 870619c3fd7ba4614e84b322697d516d)
Mirror 1

Useful stuff

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The MWLL Community Development Team is in no way affiliated with Wandering Samurai Studios. This is a development effort by the community, for the community. Credit for creating MechWarrior: Living Legends and its development up to version 0.7.1 goes solely to Wandering Samurai Studios.

Clan Jade Wolf and the clanjadewolf.net infrastructure is not affiliated with the Community Development Team and its efforts — we thank CJW for hosting.